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La Soupe Kitchen COVID emergency nw11

La Soupe Kitchen COVID emergency nw11

La Soupe Kitchen COVID emergency nw11La Soupe Kitchen COVID emergency nw11La Soupe Kitchen COVID emergency nw11

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emergency COVID-19 SOUP delivery service to NW11 POSTCODE



My name is Sam and I am a stay at home mum of a teen and a tot- I live in NW London with my girls and my husband. I used to work in the corporate world and gave it up when I had baby Olympia aged 47. I am super passionate about cooking and spending time in the kitchen is a feel good factor for me. I am a quarter finalist of Masterchef 2020.


With a serious period of social distancing and voluntary and compulsory isolation required to fight the pandemic, I have set up 'La Soupe Kitchen'.

My motives are clear: I want to be able to offer healthy vegetarian soup to those most IN NEED during this COVID 19 pandemic period.

The elderly, people living alone, the homeless and people with physical or mental disability, those with weakened immune systems and with mental health issues. I am a stay at home mum who loves to cook and as myself will be house bound mostly, my fear of going insane will be eased by cooking and ensuring I help others in the process. I get cabin fever easily so my mental well being, I need to have a focus in the morning, which I encourage most of you to do if at all possible. 


Making soup en masse (from a small home kitchen) is the most obvious and soups are the perfect 'feel good' food. It uses the most fresh vegetables and therefore offers the most nutrients. I am self funding this for now so it is also the cheapest way to make a tasty plate of food. There is nothing like the taste of home made soups and the 'fresh ones' from the supermarkets never taste quite like a real fresh one. 


As I am protecting myself and others, I will NOT have direct physical contacts with the people I deliver to and deliver the soups on their door steps.

During my cooking I observe the HIGHEST standards of HYGENE, wash my hands regularly, wear cookery gloves and a face mask. Should myself or someone in my household show any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, my service will be SUSPENDED until our isolation period is OVER and we have the all clear.


I live in NW11 - Hampstead Garden Suburb so for now I service this postcode only but if the service is required very close to NW11 borders get in touch.


Weekdays- all depending on supplies.

Fridays I make chicken soup providing I can get hold of kosher chicken.

HELP make this work:

1/ Share my link, and If you know someone that NEEDS food delivered to them in NW11, tell them about me and La Soupe Kitchen.

2/ DONATE either by donating on this, or sending me supplies (see below)


My soups are vegetarian and may contain pulses. I don't put nuts but my kitchen has nuts around.


- New, plastic containers that I can use for the soups

- Vegetables: if you own a veggie shops, any donations welcome

- Online cash donations:- no matter how small will help to pay for: the fresh ingredients, the containers, and the petrol for deliveries etc.

Thanks xx


The past week has been overwhelming in terms of donations, THANK you!  Moving forward I sill need:

- New, plastic containers that I can use for the soups

- Vegetables: if you own a veggie shops, any donations welcome

I have also received cash donations that help with containers, kosher chicken as I make chicken soup on FRIDAYS and plastic containers.

DONATE, no matter HOW small. Thanks.


Or message me on WhatsApp

NW11 7HJ, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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About me



I am Sam- a Belgian-Spanish ex 'corporate boss' turned 'cooking mama' (of a tween and a tot). 

Cooking is my passion and I proudly took part in the 2020 series of Masterchef UK. 

Let me show you how to fall in love with food and cooking in order to fall in love with yourself: how to cook yourself happy!

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